IUCLID 5 Hosting by WCA Environment

The European Unions’s regulations on REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) have attracted 2.75 million pre-registrations by 65,000 companies for 150,000 chemical substances.


Under REACH the available data on these substances must be entered into the software program IUCLID 5 for electronic submission to the European Chemicals Agency by each company by specific dates.


Time is short, but how can the many companies belonging to Substance Information Exchange Fora ensure that data are entered into IUCLID in a way that meets their particular business needs?


The answer is a fully managed IUCLID Service offered by WCA Environment in association with Quidne IT.


Our fully managed IUCLID Service provides a secure, shared environment for collating and assessing robust summaries from different sources, via your personal computer – with no special installation required.

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